Christmas in June — or at least a refund

Christmas in June — or at least a refund (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Alane Benson has been expecting a package. Just before Christmas, she saw an ad on Facebook for a product called Neoballz – a strong, magnetic toy. She paid $24.94.

She knew the order might not make it by Christmas, but figured it would be the following week, or, at the latest, January.

Five months later, nothing’s been delivered.

Benson said she’s reached out to the seller, a company named, multiple times.

Each time they respond with the same answer: “They were having a backup because it was such a rush on Facebook, and that the order is on its way,” she said.

But, after months of that empty promise, Benson fears she’s been scammed.

“I’m afraid that a lot of people are going to never receive a product and they are basically scamming people out of $25,” she said.

According to comments on Goodie Express’s Facebook page, there are many other people like Benson who are frustrated after paying for and not receiving their product.

Internet records indicate the company is located in London. Despite the alleged back order, the magnetic balls are still for sale, now under the name sumo balls.

Get Gephardt reached out to through email. We didn’t hear back, but just like that, Benson did.

She got an email showing her order has been refunded.

Benson said next time she won’t make the spontaneous purchase.

“You don’t ever know what you’re looking up on Facebook, if that company that you’re actually ordering through is actually going to commit and deliver the product you ordered,” she said