7 Things You Should Know Before Starting Forex Trading - Business Review

Many people enter in Forex industry to make money. But some of them become successful. Because many factors need to be maintained to become successful. Nowadays. Internet becomes more accessible around the world. This makes Forex trading access simpler for the newcomers. Inadequate capital, non-acquaintance with the market, and lack of good management skills bring nothing at the beginning. But overcoming these factors can open the door to a successful trading career.


A checklist can help in better understanding what a newcomer needs to enter the industry.

  • A smart device
  • A demo account.
  • A real account and a platform.
  • A good broker.
  • Make the first trade.

A newbie can follow these steps to start his career. Now let’s see the overall process of trading by which we can become a professional trader.


A smart device

It’s the essential thing a trader needs. Anyone can start with a smartphone, computer, or tab. It doesn’t matter what the device is. It just needs to support the internet and give access to the forex platform. Make sure your internet service is stable. Unstable internet can result in a massive loss because the market can be moved within a short period.

A demo account.

The leading forex platform allows opening a demo account on their website so that a starter can understand the market. So it is better to start with a demo account to understand the platform and apply strategies there. If satisfactory results come, then you can think about moving into a real account. But make sure you open a real account with the brokers like Saxo capital markets to avoid unexpected problems.

A real account and a platform.

If success comes in a demo account, then you are ready to start trading in the real industry. Try to find a suitable platform. There are many reviews about the market on the internet. Research them and choose the best. Then open a real account in the desired platform.

A good broker.

A broker can be a person or agency who can run the business on behalf of you. One trader can start with a broker also. Before starting with a broker, check their terms and policies, leverage system, permission from the authority, and other legal documents you think need to check.

Start your career.

If you completed the above objectives, then congratulation. Welcome to the forex world! Now one can start implementing his strategies in the market and gaining money. But remember one thing, it’s cannot be possible overnight to get some big volume. One has to be patient to become successful in this industry.

Common Terms Related to the Forex

Before appearing in forex trading, one should learn some unique terms related to it because there are differences between the forex market and the stock market. So it’s better to acknowledge some terms so that one can understand the sector properly.

Currency Pair – Two currencies from different countries make a currency pair. Example – USD/EUR. Here USD is the base currency and EUR is the counter currency.

Pip – Pip is the short form of a percentage point. It indicated the smallest change in the currency pair’s exchange rate. The smallest pip size is 0.0001 generally. But it may vary depending on the account type.

Leverage – Leverage refers to the financial asset funded by the broker. It helps a small investor to order in more trades than his capital can bear.

Stop loss and take profit – They are the barriers of trading margin. One trader can limit how much loss he can bear by stop the loss and how much profit he wants by taking a profit.

Everyone wants to enter into forex nowadays. But it matters how much dedication one invests in here. Because many rookies come to the market, place an order without analyzing, then start losing their capital. So it’s better to study the fundamentals before starting something new. With good strategies, anyone can succeed here.

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