Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium arrives in the UK in late September

Sony unveiled the flagship Xperia XZ2 Premium in April, and it’s expected to become available in the US at the end of this month. While we’ve seen it on pre-order in some other places, so far it hasn’t received anything resembling a global launch.

That may slowly change in the coming weeks, however. Clove, an online retailer from the UK, has just announced that the phone is due to land in that country at some point in late September.

It will carry a price tag of £799 VAT included, for a SIM-free unit. If you want to pre-order one right now, you can by visiting the Source linked below. It’s most likely that the model sold over there will be a single-SIM iteration. That’s definitely not cheap, but the XZ2 Premium’s US price tag, at $999.99, isn’t either, so that’s pretty much par for the course now. The device will be offered in both Chrome Black and Chrome Silver in the UK.

Becoming available in a big market five months after its announcement is not something this model should be very proud of. Then again, at least Sony’s Premium line has so far only gotten refreshed once per year, unlike its non-Premium high-end devices which launch twice as often.