UN wishes India Happy Diwali with special stamps

Diwali special stamps issued by the UN. Photo: Twitter/UnitedNationsHindi

Diwali is a festival that is celebrated with much pomp and glory not just in India, but a lot of other countries too.

It is a festival which brings people together and urges them to forget all about caste, creed, religion and just celebrate happiness and light.

In order to commemorate the Indian festival, the United Nations postal agency has come out with a special stamp sheet. The stamps on this sheet have the symbols of light – diyas, on them and a lot of lights in the background.

The decision to come out with these special stamps was made well in advance by the organisation. The sheet which has ten stamps is priced at 14.95 USD that is approximately Rs 1100 in INR.

These stamps are available on the website of UN Stamps.

It i quite a special gift to all Indians from the UN on Diwali, right?