Samsung Galaxy Note8 X 99 AVANT limited edition artsy phone goes on sale

Can phones be art? The Samsung Galaxy Note8 X 99 AVANT certainly tries. It’s a very limited run of just 99 units (hence the name) and feature the exclusive artwork of Han Seung-Woo.

You get a tiger-themed case (with the artist’s signature on the inside) so that you don’t have to choose between keeping your phone safe and covering up the artwork. You also get a separate print (69 x 45cm in size) you can hang at home. Each of the 99 units has a unique 8-digit number to attest to its authenticity.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 X 99 AVANT - limited edition, artsy phone goes on sale

Other than that, the phone is a standard Galaxy Note8 (midnight black) with 256GB of storage. It costs KRW 1,991,000 ($1,830/€1550) and as of right now there are still units available.

The X 99 AVANT is currently exclusive to Korea and with just 99 units we don’t think that will change. You can hit the Source link if you’re interested in buying a phone-shaped piece of art.