Imagine a social media where you share thoughts, songs, images and messages with people who share the same interests as you. Now imagine the same, but tailored (or should we say taylor-ed) for Taylor Swift fans.

Yes, the pop-singer is launching her social media called The Swift Life, partnering with Glu – a company previously known for its cash-milking apps Katy Perry Pop and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

The Swift Life is a new social network for Taylor Swift fans

The new social media is an application on Google Play and the App Store, called by the Glu CEO “a new digital entertainment project”. The platform shares a similar design with popular networks such as Instagram and Tumblr. It promises “exclusive content” and “direct engagement” with Taylor Swift herself.

The singer is also expected to launch her own set of emoji stickers called “Taymojis” (we think “Swickers” would also be acceptable).

The Swift Life will be released as a beta soon, and it would be made available worldwide by the end of 2017.


By Loknath

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