Branches of Science – The Complete List [2021 Update]

Science is a broad, fascinating field that is responsible for many of the technologies and quality-of-life advancements that people enjoy today. Science has been around for thousands of years, but really came of age during the 1600s after tools such as the microscope and telescope were invented. These items allowed people to see things that are invisible to the naked eye. Here are the three branches of science.


1. Physical Science

Physical science includes the study of chemistry, physics, astronomy, and more. Physical science is important because it helps people understand how objects work and allows for the improvement of existing devices. For example, modern airplanes can fly faster and safer than ever before thanks to advancements in their mechanics. Laboratory management accreditation Hazard KY allows physical scientists and all scientists to work in the best conditions.

2. Life Science

Scientists who study this branch of science are dedicated to finding out more about all forms of life, including microorganisms, fungi, sea life, land animals, and humans. Some branches of life science include biology, botany, ecology, zoology, and toxicology. Life science greatly contributes to advancements in medicine by discovering more about how the body works, how viruses behave, and the effects of pharmaceutical drugs and other treatments.

3. Earth Science

While life science examines the functions and processes involved in living things on the earth, earth science looks at the functions and processes of the earth itself. Geologists, geophysicists, hydrologists, and atmospheric scientists are some of the scientists that work within the realm of earth science. One reason why earth science is important is that it helps predict weather events and dangerous and potentially life-threatening phenomena such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanos.

Science is important for many reasons. Scientific discoveries made in these three branches save lives, make people’s lives easier, and help develop new technology.

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