If you’re getting into the construction business, you probably have a lot of questions about the best types of tools to use. Galvanization is the process of applying a protective coat (typically composed of zinc) to iron or steel. The protective coat prevents rusting and corrosion. Galvanization is frequently used in the construction industry to enhance the useful life of steel and iron building components. Here’s why galvanized tools are so important in the construction industry.


Longer Life

Buildings constructed with galvanized steel beams and other components typically have a longer lifespan than buildings made with unprotected steel. Zinc corrodes much slower than steel, so it’s a great choice for protecting steel from the elements. Without some layer of protection over it, steel will rust over time. The speed with which steel corrosion takes place depends largely on the environment. If the building is located in a high-humidity area, its steel components will corrode faster than they would if located in a low-humidity environment.


Steel treated in galvanizing tanks is more affordable than stainless steel. If you’re getting started on a large project and are looking for ways to save money while still providing your client with a quality, corrosion-resistant product, galvanized steel is a wise option to choose. Galvanized steel is also generally easy and affordable to maintain.

Cathodic Protection

As a result of the zinc alloying to the iron beneath it, cathodic protection keeps small areas of exposed iron (due to damage) from becoming rusted. As long as the zinc layer remains, cathodic protection continues to keep the iron beneath it from rusting. It’s important to note that if water runs off a brass or copper surface onto the zinc coating, it can damage the zinc and cause rapid corrosion.

Not all metals are created equal. Now that you know the importance of galvanized steel materials in the construction industry, you can start using this impressive material on your projects.

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