They say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This may be a cliche, but when it comes to metal scrap, it is spot-on. If you know what you’re doing, have a good eye for value, and find the right scrapyards, you can make good money selling the scrap you find all around you.

So, how do you make money selling scrap? This beginner’s guide will help you get started.


Finding Scrap

Metal scrap is everywhere. People throw it away every week right on your street, and it is also trashed by businesses every day. Of course, you can drive around on trash day and pick through your neighbors’ bins, but there are better options.

First, spread the word. Let people in your neighborhood know that you are collecting metal trash. Share it in local groups on Facebook or on the bulletin board at your local library. When people know who you are and how to find you, good scrap will come to you.

You should also look for construction and demolition sites. Contact the managing companies and ask for permission to pick those sites for old scrap metal. Reach out to local colleges or universities and ask them to contact you whenever they upgrade their electronic equipment so you can have the first crack at their old stuff.

Selling Scrap

Once you’ve collected the metal scrap, you need a place to sell it. Find a nearby scrapyard that accepts metal scrap. Each yard has different pricing sheets and accepts different types of metals. Learn your metals and their values to maximize your time and efforts.

Once you’ve built a relationship, regular trips can start bringing regular cash as you start your metal scrap side business.

Selling scrap can be a lucrative opportunity if you set yourself up with the right sources and buyers. Do your homework at the beginning, and you can be cashing in on other people’s trash in no time.

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