You’ve probably heard of the “G spot,” an elusive little button that’s supposed to be the key to a vaginal orgasm.

The good news is that the G spot isn’t a separate part of the body — it’s a part of your clitoral network and can trigger intensely pleasurable sexual experiences.



While the exact location of the G spot varies from woman to woman, its spongy ridges can be seen through the vaginal opening. As a result, penetrating her G spot can often lead to a more intense orgasm than clitoral stimulation alone.

However, some women are more comfortable stimulating the clitoris, which is perfectly fine. The key is making sure your partner is aroused and lubricated before penetration.

The G spot is a little bit up along the inner front wall of the vagina — about a third of the way if you’re lying down on your back. However, finding and stimulating it might not be easy, so experimenting is vital.

You can use your fingers or a clitoral vibrator to stimulate the G spot. To stimulate manually, insert one or two fingers (palms facing upward) into the vagina and make a “come here” motion against the front wall of the vagina with varying pressures and speeds to see what feels best.

Alternatively, you can use a clitoral vibrator to create a “doggy” style. Then, with the penetrating partner on top, you can control the depth and angle of the stimulation to achieve just the right amount of G spot penetration for a mind-blowing orgasm.

To avoid painful micro-tears and tearing of the vaginal walls, ensure you and your partner are lubricated before trying these sex positions. Also, relax and let the stimulation be a fun experience rather than anxiety.

Use your fingers

The G spot is that mysterious little area within her vagina that makes orgasms happen. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to locate, and it’s also often the first orgasm women experience.

The exact pressure you apply to her G spot depends on her sensitivity, so you must start with only light pressure and feel your way until you feel the right amount for her. Some women need a lot of pressure to get their G spot orgasm, while others respond better to lighter touch.

Use a toy

The G spot is one of the most mysterious, magical areas within the vagina. It’s located just a couple of inches behind the vaginal entrance on the anterior wall towards the belly button.

This area is textured and slightly rough compared to the smooth inner vaginal tissue. Nonetheless, if you’re new to sex, it’s a great place to start.

But it can be challenging to locate because its exact position varies from woman to woman, and its texture can also vary. That’s why knowing how to use a toy to stimulate the G spot can be helpful.

A curved toy like a dildo can be ideal for penetrating the G spot because it’s easier to reach than your finger and can feel more satisfying. A dildo with a bulbous tip can also be very effective, as can a vibrator or a couple’s vibrator.

To use a dildo, apply water-based lubricant to the tip and the first inch of the toy’s shaft. Then, insert it into your vagina and slowly move it toward the belly button.

When you feel a tingling sensation, stop moving the toy. It is essential to hold it still so that the vibration is focused on the gland.

While many women are not accustomed to clitoral stimulation in combination with G spot stimulation, this can be a great way to explore different sensations and create a new experience that your partner may find exciting. The most vital thing to learn is that your clitoral network includes the G spot, and the stimulation of this area can add a new level of intensity and depth to a sexual orgasm.

Sex position

A few centimeters up on the inner front wall of your vagina, your G spot is a susceptible area that varies from woman to woman. But it’s a highly effective trigger for clitoral stimulation, triggering orgasms that can be powerful, indescribable, and unforgettable.

The head of the G spot is a small urethral opening beneath your clitoris, which can be stimulated with your fingers, sex toys, or a partner’s penis. But it’s tricky and even harder to locate when you’re wet during foreplay.

Luckily, there are sex positions you can try during sex that put your genitalia in the driver’s seat and help you penetrate your G spot. These positions offer more control over the angle of penetration, speed, and pressure, which can help you more accurately achieve gratification and stimulate your G spot to the point of orgasm.

The cowgirl position, the classic woman-on-top sex position, gives your partner greater control over the depth and angle of penetration, making it easier to stimulate your G spot during sex. It also allows your penetrating partner to access your other erogenous zones (like the clitoris), creating more satisfying orgasms.

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