Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India has restarted dispatches and sales for the Activa-based NAVi – a unique pocket bike that’s also the most affordable automatic two wheeler that Honda sells here. The dispatches have been weak though. In April 2018, Honda dispatched only 75 units of the NAVi, and in May 2018, the Japanese two wheeler giant dispatched 428 units. In March, dispatches were suspended, raising suspicions that Honda had pulled the plug on the NAVi. Honda later clarified that it’s working on improving the NAVi, but considering the fact that dispatches have restarted, it remains to be seen if Honda indeed is working on an improved NAVi for the Indian market.

The unique NAVi is a very effective, and if we may add, cheerful city run-about. Meant to be a fun, accessible two wheeler that combines the convenience of a Honda Activa with the stance or a moped, the Honda NAVi was developed wholly by the motorcycle giant’s Indian research and development division. In fact, the NAVi uses the same 110cc four stroke engine that the Honda Activa gets, with similar power and torque outputs of 7.7 Bhp and 9 Nm. A CVT automatic gearbox is standard. The NAVi weighs 102 kilograms, making it quite light for use by almost everyone who can ride a two wheeler. It’s priced at Rs. 41.849, ex-showroom Delhi.

As for suspension, the NAVi features telescopic front forks and a monoshock rear. Brakes are 130mm drums, the wheels are 12 inchers shod on 90/90 and 100/90 section tubeless tyres. The NAVi gets a cavernous under-tank storage unit as an accessory. The pocket-bike is available in six colours. Honda is doing its bit to make the NAVi popular. The two wheeler giant recently conducted a NAVi customization competition, which saw entries from around the country. Essentially, Honda is trying to position the NAVi as a cult bike, much like the Honda Monkey Bike that’s super popular in South East Asia. Can it succeed? Time will tell.


By Loknath

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