5 popular SUVs & what their ‘off-road’ spec versions will look like: Maruti Brezza to Hyundai Creta

Back in the day, the term ‘SUV’ was used only for vehicles that were sufficiently rugged and could easily go off the road. The advent of ‘soft-roaders’ and low-cost compact SUVs, however, led to a big change in the way we use this term. Today, there are many compact SUVs on sale in India that look bold and have a high ground clearance but are no match for the ‘real’ off-roaders. No wonder, then, that many have already imagined their off-road avatars. Here’s how these off-road avatars of our popular compact SUVs look like –


Tata Nexon

The Tata Nexon has been rather quick with establishing itself in the sub-4-meter SUV market. The Nexon offers powerful engines, a comfortable interior, and a long list of features. While it looks really modern, it doesn’t have the kind of ruggedness one associates with true-blue off-roaders. Seen above is a rendering that imagines the Tata Nexon in its off-road-ready avatar. Up front, it gets a custom bumper and a huge scuff plate. It also gets an electric winch and a pair of auxiliary lamps. The spare wheel has been placed on a roof-carrier. The SUV also gets roof-mounted fog lamps and a snorkel. The most important bit, however, is the raised ground clearance along with huge all-terrain tires. This Nexon features a custom dual-tone paint job and yellow-tinted headlights. Macho enough, no?

Ford EcoSport

Even the Ford EcoSport has been given the off-road treatment by the same artist who created the Tata Nexon Off-road render. The EcoSport you see in the above speculative rendering sports a heavy-duty, off-road-ready metal bumper that has an integrated bull-bar. There’s a set of aux lamps mounted on the bull-bar. The bumper features a couple of tow hooks. There’s also a metal bash plate to protect the underbody. This EcoSport also features custom fenders to accommodate the bigger wheels and tires. There’s also a snorkel, roof carrier and a roof-mounted LED light bar. This EcoSport features yellow-tinted headlamps and a matte black paint for a bolder look. We approve, totally!

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

The artist of the above rendering has visualized a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza that can be safely taken off the road. As per this rendering, the off-road variant of the Brezza features a custom bumper and a huge bull bar that encompasses the entire front-end. There’s also a set of auxiliary lamps, a scuff plate, and a tow hook. This Brezza features a roof-mounted luggage box to carry all the extra belongings on an off-road expedition. The suspension has been lifted and this Brezza rides on custom wheels shod with chunkier, all-terrain tires.

Mahindra TUV300

Mahindra says that the TUV300 has been inspired by a battle tank. Well, it looks like the creator of the above rendering took the claim a bit too seriously. Actually, he has imagined a TUV300 that gets tank tracks instead of four wheels. Also, the original front grille has been replaced with a matte black unit with horizontal slats. The original bumper has been retained but gets two tow hooks. The wheel arches get a black plastic cladding while the lower part of the doors gets diamond steel plate covers. There’s also a roof carrier that can help you carry extra luggage. This TUV300 has a white paint scheme with Zebra-inspired graphics.

Hyundai Creta

Here is a Hyundai Creta that has been imagined in an off-road-ready avatar. This Creta gets a two-tone exterior colour scheme that features a metallic light blue paint shade with a metallic black contrast. This Creta also gets rally car-inspired dirt graphics. The front bumper, radiator grille and ORVMs also get a metallic black finish. The original alloy wheels have been replaced with a set of black-painted custom alloy wheels shod with beefier, all-terrain rubber. The side profile also gets a plastic cladding for the fenders. The roof gets a luggage box to carry all the extra equipment.