What time do the shops in Manchester close on Christmas Eve?

We all know what Christmas shopping is like: you think you’ve cracked it, you sit down to wrap everything up and – OH NO! – reality dawns. You’ve forgotten a present, you’ve not bought enough wrapping paper, the dog has buried the sticky tape in the back garden, everyone thought someone else was buying the sprouts…! Something always happens to ... Read More »

Christmas gifts for men 2015: Including personalised pints to Xbox One bundles

We’ve found beers for every name, budget and taste bud this Christmas Whether it’s for your boyfriend or dad, it’s no secret that men are almost impossible to shop for – there are only so many tools a man can have after all. If you are after a gift for the man in your life, and have overdone it with ... Read More »

10 Christmas gift cards worth buying now if you’ve got know idea what to get your loved ones

Give a gift they’re guaranteed to love this Christmas The saving grace of Christmas shopping has to be the faithful gift card. A happy medium between just dolling out cash and giving a thoughtful gift – they are both practical and painless. Even better is that you can get them delivered straight to your loved ones if you order online ... Read More »

History of Christmas

Christmas began to be celebrated in the 4th century, when Christianity became the official religion of Rome. However, ancient revelers when celebrating Christmas were quite rowdy. In early America due to the rowdy celebrations in 1659 the Puritans and other pious settlers banned the celebration of Christmas. By the mid-17th century the settlers began adopting European customs in their Christmas ... Read More »

Warning: Christmas colored chips, cookies and treats may be poisoning your children

Those Christmas-colored snack chips and store-bought cookies may look festive, but watch out: Eating them may cause side effects such as hyperactivity, especially in children. That’s because nearly all Christmas-colored foods achieve their colors through the use of artificial coloring chemicals, including Red #40. These artificial coloring chemicals are derived from coal tars. They’re synthesized in chemical reactions in laboratories, ... Read More »

Real Christmas trees better for the earth than artificial ones

Environmentalists for whom Christmas trees are an important tradition face a dilemma: should they buy a real or an artificial tree? Well, according to plant biologist Clint Springer of Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, buying a single artificial tree once a decade has a significantly larger carbon footprint than buying a new real tree each year over the same time ... Read More »

Cloves, a traditional Christmas spice with healing properties

(NaturalNews) Cloves are often associated with Christmas recipes such as mulled wine and Christmas cake and not widely used in western culture or cuisine outside of the Christmas period. However, cloves have health benefits which could be enjoyed the whole year round. Cloves are native to Indonesia but the region with the largest production is Zanzibar in eastern Africa. Cloves ... Read More »

Something Special Will Happen to the Moon on Christmas Day

The last time there was a full moon on Christmas, Jimmy Carter was president and a gallon of gas cost 65 cents. But this year we get to party like it’s 1977 when the moon is shown in its full glory on Dec. 25, theWeather Channel reports. It’s an event that won’t happen again until 2034, and then every 19 ... Read More »

Mom Takes Flak for Buying Kids 300 Christmas Gifts

What’s wrong with giving your family hundreds of Christmas gifts? Quite a bit, according to reaction one mom received on social media. Emma Tapping, a married mother of three, posted a photo of her family Christmas tree nearly buried under more than 300 gifts. She then saw the image shared thousands of times, often with nasty comments about materialism and ... Read More »

Man Sends Christmas Cards to Queen, Gets Noticed

This is a Thursday, June 25, 2015 file photo of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, as they wave from the balcony of the Roemer town hall in Frankfurt, Germany. If you’re a commoner who wants to get Queen Elizabeth II’s attention, apparently it is possible, but it will take decades of work. In a touching Facebook ... Read More »