Who says the dinner party is dead?

Who is to blame for the media’s continuing obsession with the demise of the dinner party? At this point, I’m not precisely sure – though as I write, doubtless some poor PhD student is hard at it, tracing the dots between our postwar literary culture, Katherine Whitehorn’s 1963 appropriation of the word “slut”, the early work of Mike Leigh and ... Read More »

Night milk: milk taken from cows at night might be the sleep aid you need

As anyone who has suffered from insomnia knows well, drinking a glass of warm milk doesn’t always help. But it might, a new study reports, if the milk is taken from a cow at night. According to an animal study in the Journal of Medicinal Food, night milk – literally milk collected from a cow at night – contains high ... Read More »

Bollywood rebel Kajol: ‘I never gave a damn what anyone said about me. I still don’t’

Kajol’s isn’t a quiet presence. She talks fast, laughs loudly, and is uncharacteristically goofy for Bollywood royalty, throwing her hands about so much in a modest London hotel suite that her jewellery flies across the room. The actor, 41, began her career 23 years ago and holds the record for winning best actress (six times, tied with her late aunt ... Read More »

‘I see people running in trousers and sandals’: the lowdown on Delhi’s emerging running scene

Despite it being 5:30am, Avdesh Nagar seems remarkably perky. But then this 15-year-old son of a dairy farmer is used to early starts. Running inDelhi is a dawn sport, and running is Avdesh’s life. He looks the part, sort of. Short for his age, his physique is that of a natural runner: languid of limb, light of foot. He is ... Read More »

Are lie-ins bad for you?

Could your weekend lie-in kill you? asked the Daily Mail last week. It cited a study in this month’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM) that links sleeping more at weekends with an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Since most of us change our sleep schedule depending on whether it’s a work or non-work day, it’s an ... Read More »

How to eat: fish finger sandwiches

Friends! Small children! Mortally drunk students! One and all, lend me your brains, for How to Eat – the Guardian blog that explores how best to eat the nation’s favourite foods – is, this month, taking on one of the great unifying dishes of British cuisine, the fish finger sandwich. Sixty years after fish fingers were launched in the UK ... Read More »

Planned Parenthood gets restraining order in Ohio lawsuit over fetal remains

A U.S. judge on Monday temporarily blocked Ohio from initiating legal action against three Planned Parenthood facilities the state’s attorney general accused last week of violating rules for disposal of fetal remains. Planned Parenthood, which denied violating any state rules, sued Ohio in U.S. District Court, saying state Attorney General Mike DeWine had singled out the organization over all other ... Read More »

How was your weekend running?

Someone make me a cup of hot Ribena, please. Sniff. Yesterday’s 15 miler seems to have tipped my immune system and my muscles over the edge – I woke up about four times last night with calf cramp, and now I can’t stop sniffling. I think it’s safe to say I’m not going to end the year on a running ... Read More »

A man should be the breadwinner, right? Wrong. Meet the women who earn more

The proportion of women who carry the main financial ­responsibility for their family has increased by about 50% since 1996, according to the IPPR thinktank. Now, a third of Britain’s working mothers are the main breadwinners in their ­family, and most of this 2 million-strong group are low earners. But why are more mothers ­becoming the main earners today? How ... Read More »

The best lipglosses for winter

Hail the return of lip gloss. Of the pout that reflects light like cats’ eyes on the motorway, that you apply coyly during gaps in conversation. Winter fashion showed high-shine lips at Rag & Bone, Rodarte, Fendi and Roland Mouret, with the gloss appearing off-lip, too – eye-lids, cheeks, anywhere, really, that light hits. Get the look Revlon New Ultra ... Read More »