Samsung agrees to pay Apple $750 million in damages for patent infringements

Apple’s tap-to-zoom and slide to unlock are two features as basis for the court case. A LONGSTANDING patent dispute between two tech giants has finally drawn to a close, with Samsung agreeing to pay Apple $AU750 million as part of a court-ordered settlement. The feud began in 2011 after Apple sued Samsung for copying several key features it had patented. ... Read More »

Now this is privilege: BlackBerry Priv gets a coat of 24K gold

This is luxury. Karalux’s 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Priv. THERE’S no denying that the BlackBerry Priv is a beautiful smartphone. It’s pretty sleek, and offers a premium look and feel that many other high-end smartphones on the market just can’t offer. If you’re looking to take that premium look and feel to the next level, though, Karalux, a Vietnamese gold-plating shop, ... Read More »

A Japanese firm has created the world’s first washable smartphone

A washable smartphone means one less stress for owners. TIRED of those unsightly smudges and other dirt on your bacteria-laden smartphone? A Japanese firm says it has the solution with what it describes the world’s first smartphone that can be washed with soap and water. Waterproof smartphones have been on the market for a while. But telecom company KDDI says ... Read More »

Siri’s responses are a key feature of the iPhone for blind users

Siri is actually helpful. I never would have guessed it. THERE’S nothing artificial about this intelligence: Siri is a big hit with blind techies. Apple’s voice-activated assistant hasn’t yet won over most mainstream iPhone users, with a still-glitchy algorithm that mostly demands motivated niche followers, such as car-driving commuters or gadget-obsessed geeks. But for blind users, Siri’s smart and sometimes ... Read More »

Aussies view emojis as universal messaging language, survey shows

THE country’s obsession with emojis has reached new heights with a majority now believing the expressive pictures are the new universal langue for messages. A survey released today by smartphone maker Oppo Australia shows that 60 per cent of Australians use emojis in messaging. It turns out Julie Bishop is not the only Australian woman who turns to emoji no ... Read More »

How Apple Maps has been a game changer, challenging Google Maps

APPLE Maps quickly became the butt of jokes when it debuted in 2012. It overlooked many towns and businesses and misplaced famous landmarks. It marked New York’s Madison Square Garden arena as park space because of the word “Garden.” The service was a rare blunder for a company known for simple, easy-to-use products. It’s a different story three years later. ... Read More »

Ghost Security uncover hidden smartphone app used by Islamic State to spread propaganda

WITH hacktivism groups successfully disrupting the propaganda channels of Islamic State, the terrorist organisation has been forced to re-evaluate its methods. In an attempt to stifle the efforts of hacking collectives, the terrorist organisation created its own app for Android smartphones. Released by Amaq News Agency — a known IS propaganda outlet — the app has the sole purpose of ... Read More »

Apple’s answer to iPhone battery woes is to add an ugly hump

APPLE has finally heard the complaints that the iPhone battery is just not big enough. But the solution has given Apple fans the hump. Apple has released its first smart battery case, joining a fleet of third-party accessory makers including Mophie who produce iPhone cases with an extra battery built in. The iPhone 6/6S Smart Battery Case, which comes in ... Read More »

Time’s up: Apple Watch 2 `coming in March’

IF you happened to drop a lazy $24,000 on an Apple Watch, you might want to stop reading. The eight-month old Apple Watch seems to be just a few months away from being outdated. Mark Gurman, of 9To5Mac, has reported Apple is planning a March event to launch two new Apple products: a second-generation Apple Watch 2 and a smaller ... Read More »

Dutch product Fairphone is the next phone you need to buy

IT’S sleek, smart, and seriously good for your conscience. Meet the new Fairphone — a smart device that bills itself not just as a phone, but as a “movement” towards a more ethical type of electronics. The Amsterdam-based company has sold more than 80,000 phones so far with the latest generation being sent to customers across Europe in time for ... Read More »