A Christmas catch for Larson

Dillon Larson, 7, and his father, Nate, hold up a 22-inch walleye that Dillon caught while ice fishing in the area on Christmas Day. (Submitted photo)

Christmas is usually a memorable day for any 7-year-old, and Alexandria’s Dillon Larson capped his Christmas off this past year by catching his first walleye.

The Larsons had opened presents and decided to spend their evening in the ice house on a local lake. Dillon was using a perch-colored Rapala Slab Rap in 21 feet of water when he latched into a 22-inch walleye at a little before 5 p.m. that day.

“Dillon was just so excited, glowing ear to ear,” his father, Nate Larson, said. “He said, ‘Dad, I got one! I am going to need some help pulling it up the hole.’ When I saw the bend in his pole and how big it was coming up the hole, I was so excited for him. Although all the Christmas presents were open, Dillon got one last present that day.”

Nate said he and his wife, April, have been talking to Dillon about the importance of releasing a larger fish like that, which tends to be a female. Dillon took note, and the walleye lived to see another day when he agreed to let it go.