JEE Advanced Important Chapters

1The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced is just around the corner and IIT aspirants all over the country are deep down in their preparations. This exam will, after all, decide their future in the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). This year, the exam will be held on May 21 and out of the roughly 1.5 lakhs students who will be selected to appear in the exam based on their performance in the JEE Main, which was held on April 2 (offline) and April 8 & 9 (online).

While the JEE Main is deemed to be a very tough and very competitive exam, the JEE Advanced is tougher and more competitive. In fact, the JEE Advanced is said by many to be one of the toughest competitions exams to be held in the country ever but there are some who do not agree entirely. While others say it is indeed tough but it is tameable. And, yes, the exam is capable of being beaten with proper planning and structuring. In fact, any exam can be hacked by studying the previous years’ patterns. The IIT JEE, for instance, has over 11000 concepts to be learned. While it may be possible for the selective few, it is hardly possible for the majority, keeping in mind that the IIT JEE is not the only exams they’ll be preparing for in that particular time or year. Some experts have analysed the paper structure and pattern over the years and identified the frequent occurrences and gaps to help narrow down the scope of studying for the students. After this, planning and structuring a study method is made simpler and more realistic. There is hardly any need to study all the 11000+ concepts! Phew!

As you start your JEE Advanced 2017 preparations, you should not only focus on just clearing the cutoff but you should keep in mind that your study plan should be structured in such a way that your scores improve from day to day and from revision to revision.

The first thing you need to nail is the syllabus. You have to know what you’re getting into. Then only you can identify the most important chapters and topics. Get the basics right. Get the approach down before you start memorising formulas. Practice JEE Advanced previous years’ papers with solutions to take your exam prep to the next level. Look out for the frequently asked topics and concepts. They will give you an insight into what will most likely come in the exam. Do not ignore online mock tests. They are a game changer when it comes to preparation for competitive exams these days. They help you improve your test-taking skills such as time management, question selection, etc. When you give your exam, make sure you leave time for revising the answers you have given. The smallest of mistakes can cost you a few marks but a single mark can cost you thousands of ranks! So, focus and start preparing for JEE Advanced 2017 the smart way!

All the best with your preparations!