JEE is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams to crack. It also ranks pretty high in the list of favorite entrance exams for engineering as a good rank in this exam ensures entry to the elite colleges and then a high paying and satisfying job. Getting into the IITs and NITs is a coveted dream of many science students and they have to start a well planned and well timed preparation for the same right after class 10. Any science student will find a conducive ambience to their intellectual thirst after they enter these colleges. Interaction with peers and professors, alumni and other achievers will not only broaden the perspective of ones life but also encourage to expand the scientific approach.

All these require hard labor from the day one. Covering the entire CBSE syllabus for class 12, going through the reference books, solving as much problems one can, taking the help of guides and experts and keeping oneself updated about the latest trends and developments are some of the steps which can be followed. Other than this there are some smart tips which can be followed for passing with flying colors in the JEE main results.

Let’s Get Started

There is a saying; Self Help is the Best Help. This maxim should be followed while one prepares for this exam as well. We can enroll ourselves into the best of coaching centers and take the help of the best teacher. They definitely play an important role in paving our way for success but it is the zeal of the student which makes the difference. Self preparation is the best preparation and one should allot sufficient hours for self study even after the coaching classes are over. This method is the best to revise everything that had been taught. Also it helps one to understand whether he or she has really understood the chapter or not. This practice really clears the concepts and works as a real JEE main rank predictor.

There are three main subjects to prepare, Physics Chemistry and Mathematics. In addition to this there are various subdivisions of these subjects like Thermodynamics, Optics, Motion, Calculus, Vectors, Organic Chemistry and much more. One has to understand the strengths and the weaknesses one has in these parts and build a schedule, dedicating enough time for their preparation. The strength should definitely be further strengthened but the weakness should not be overlooked as this can lower the ranks.

It’s still not the end.

Practice maketh a man perfect. So one should try to solve as many problems as one can. The practice papers of the previous years, the questions from the IIT JEE books and mock tests are highly beneficial to prepare the aspirants for the main day. It gives them a confident approach towards the actual exam. Exam stress can also be combated to a great extent with the help of this method. One can also develop unique strategies to appear for the exam.

Today’s mantra is Work Smarter and not Harder. Though hard work always pays, we can still adopt some less hard yet smart techniques to get a good score. Instead of studying fiercely for 16-17 hours a day and ultimately turning the brain into a saturated sponge, one will get good results with a planned methodology. One has to be disciplined and is bound to get good results even if lesser number of hours are dedicated.

The Best Time and Way To Study

After JEE Advanced registration has been done one has to be more focused on how one is studying. One thing to be kept in mind is that early morning studies are always better than late night ones. Rote learning is also of little use in case of a prestigious exam like JEE. Many boards stress on conceptualized questions like CBSE incorporate HOTS or High Order Thinking Skills questions, which test the understanding of the subjects.

All of the above tips are tips on how to study and what to study. But, there is another very important thing to keep in mind. Often, the students forget about their health in order to secure a good score. This is the primary thing to be attended to. Good hours of sleep relax the brain and prepare it to face the impending challenge. One should cut on eating food from outside as a sudden ill health can result in losing valuable preparation time. Most importantly, daily exercise is also important which keeps one healthy.

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