Engineering is not only a moneymaking profession but it also gives you job satisfaction by furthering your intellectual growth and offering a diverse range of jobs for anyone who is into science. If you are into the trial and error approach and love experiments, then there is place for you in engineering. Similarly, if you are creative and a visionary, then there is ample scope for you in design engineering. All of those who love science and are fascinated with buildings, designs and engines often dream of working at Google, Apple, Amazon, and Deloitte among others. But, to make those dreams successful you need to get in IITs and NITs first as those intuitions will open doors for you and help you reach your destination.

Dream Big

If you are taking the JEE Mains 2016, thenfirst maintain a positive attitude and turn a blind ear to anyone who demotivates you. Keep in mind that without hard work and perseverance, you will not be able to nail this exam. If you have still not prepared a timetable, do not get anxious a there is still time and if you buckle up, you can get into one of the IITs.Try to stick to your timetable and if you are tempted to diverge from your schedule, remind yourself OF your end goal. Also, give priority to quality and not quantity, which means that if you can’t study for 10 hours each day, reduce the time but make sure that whatever time you are devoting to your studies, is properly utilized.

Key Concepts

Make sure that the important key concepts are ingrained in your brain. Pay attention to topics, which have more weightage in the exam. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses and in the last few months revise thoroughly all the chapters and topics, which carry A significant amount of marks in the exams. To get a grasp of all the key concepts you need to be serious from the time you are 14-15 because later you would not be able to tackle this entire backlog. In case you are unable to recall certain key concepts do not hesitate to seek help from your teachers, parents, friends, and anybody who can help you crack the JEE mains and advanced.

Work out Previous Question Papers

Take out some time from your studying and solve at least the last five years question papers. Practice as many mock tests as you can before the final exam because this will help you to get a clear idea about which areas you need to focus more on and also if you are able to solve them on time. Sometimes the JEE mains syllabus may look humongous to you, but if you solve question papers and give mock tests you will be able to understand which areas you can safely afford to tackle later and which need your immediate attention. Moreover, this habit of answering all the questions will definitely come in handy on the D-day. This tactic to score well shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Keep away from Distractions

If you can keep yourself away from the modern day distractions like Facebook and Whatsapp and make complete use of your time then you will not need to worry about not getting a seat in a reputed IIT or NIT. If you are exhausted after a long day of studying, then listen to music or watch a movie instead of wasting time on social media sites. Also, resist the urge to eat out as all that junk foods might affect your health, which will, in turn, have a negative effect on your mind. This will inevitably hamper your preparation. Keep in mind that you are not missing any “fun” as you can easily socialize and make friends after getting into your dream college.

Last of all always be updated on the JEE mains latest news and give the much-awaited exam with a cool and relaxed mind.

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