Google Pixel 2 XL's Slow Screen Unlocking Issue Is Getting a Fix



  • Google has confirmed a ‘proper’ fix for the screen unlocking lag
  • The lag was found on some Pixel 2 XL after installing June Android update
  • The fix is likely to debut sometime around the Android P public release

If you were among the Pixel 2 XL users who were experiencing a lag in unlocking the screen after installing the June Android security update, Google has good news for you. The search giant is finally set to fix the issue but sometime around the Android P public release. The root cause of the problem comes from an intentional change that was aimed to fix the screen flickering effect which was spotted on the Always On Display on some devices. The company acknowledges the slowdown of the unlocking process was a side-effect of the previous fix that has been a part of the Pixel 2 XL since the June Android update.

Google on its issue tracker confirms the arrival of a “proper” fix for the unlocking issue on the Pixel 2 XL. “The problem was caused as a side effect of a fix introduced in June SMR in order to fix cases of bright flashes before entering Always On Display for displays on certain (isolated) devices (this was actually pointed out in comment #44 for public bug). The fix will be reverted in July SMR to address the slow unlock regression. A proper fix for the original issue which won’t cause slow unlock side effect will be available on P release,” the company says.

The Mountain View company hasn’t specified any particular schedule for the fix. However, considering its comment on the issue tracker, the bug could be resolved through an Android P update. The company is notably so far testing Android P as the next-generation Android platform, though it is expected to reach the public release stage sometime in September.

Previously, the Google official account acknowledged the existence of the lag in unlocking the screen of the Pixel 2 XL for some users and confirmed the identification of its fix. “We are aware that some Pixel 2 XL users are experiencing occasional delays with wake ups. We have now identified a fix which will be rolling out in the coming weeks,” the company had said in a Reddit post. Meanwhile, it provided a workaround through which the delay could be resolved temporarily by setting the Ambient Display to “always on”.

Several users on Reddit reported the slowdown on their Pixel 2 XL after they installed the June Android update early last month. The issue was said to persist when unlocking the handset using the power button as well as through the fingerprint sensor. “My Pixel 2 XL got the update a bit ago, and I’ve noticed anywhere from one-three seconds delay from the time it accepts my fingerprint to the display popping up. This is the longest delay that I’ve seen on the phone since I received it back in October,” one of the affected users had reported in one of the multiple Reddit threads while detailing the issue.




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