Side by side … Photographer Lisa Bettany compares the camera in every iPhone ever made.

THIS is the ultimate test of the iPhone camera.

Photographer Lisa Bettany, who created the filters for the iPhone photographer appCamera+ which has long been a top-seller in the app store, put the 12 megapixel camera in the iPhone 6S to the test.

In a series of side-by-side shots, Bettany took identical images so you can see the differences.

On a wide scale, the change in the ability of the camera since the first iPhone was launched is stunning.

But looking at the details, and it’s clear that Apple has done a lot more than just added a better sensor to the new iPhone 6S.

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The difference in colour separation between the iPhone 6, which is the world’s most popular camera, and the iPhone 6S is dramatic. The new camera is clearer and the images have far less noise.

Apple highlighted the abilities of the camera in the iPhone 6 with the popular “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign which used images shot by ordinary iPhone users in advertising and billboards around the world. (Disclaimer: one of my photographsfeatured in that campaign.) It’s not yet clear if it plans to extend the campaign with the iPhone 6S.

“Each year I do this comparison, and each year I am impressed at how much the iPhone camera technology has improved,” Bettany says in summary to her test.


“The iPhone has made it easier to capture and share our memories. Each new phone gives us a better tool to capture better quality images and create incredible photographs.

“The improved sensor, software updates and new A9 processor on the iPhone 6s has made this camera the best yet. There is an apparent increase in the speed of auto focus and improvements to colour accuracy, details and sharpness, especially in low light.”

The proof is in the pudding. To appreciate the capabilities in the new iPhone 6S camera, check out Lisa Bettany’s test.

By Adam