Cyware: Helping to Secure Human Endpoints

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Humans are always considered as the weakest link of cybersecurity. Take any data breach or internet fraud incident, you will find that humans, due to lack of awareness, either click on third-party links or download attachments which they’re not supposed to. Such negligence gives rise to cyberattacks. Hackers continue to exploit the weakest link of cybersecurity with sneaky tactics till the time they fall for such strategies. Even though many antivirus software have phishing filters, network access controls, advanced firewalls and endpoint scanning tools to block phishing emails, no technology can keep a tab on human activities. Cyber Situational Awareness is the only way that helps general internet users to identify different threat vectors and secure their digital life against it. This is where Cyware comes into the picture. Powered by IBM Watson technology, a cyber security mobile app is designed to spread cyber situational awareness and empower general internet users and professional users with the knowledge of cybersecurity in an easy and fathomable format.

Cyber Situational Awareness is not rocket science. It is an ability to identify threats, process and understand information related to cybersecurity in real-time. And the very first step to build this effective strategy is to gain a valuable information. For this, general internet and professional users need a single platform where they can read valuable cybersecurity related news published all over the internet. Cyware – with its machine learning technology scans the internet to present only the valuable information in real-time that educates its readers. The elite team of professionals publish this articles in a summarized format, which help general internet users and professional users to understand the information. Besides, link to the original source will be given below the card, which gives additional information about the news.

The news cards published by Cyware give deep insights about the cyberattacks including how the attacks happened, reasons for cyberattacks and so on. This information enables people to identify threat vectors, exhibit caution before downloading an attachment or clicking on third-party links, sharing passwords over mail or phone, to name a few. Over the time, readers can easily differentiate between genuine emails and online scams and hacker’s strategy. But to gain this knowledge, it is essential to keep themselves updated, because awareness is not a training that happens once in a while, but it is a continuous ongoing process. When people are cyber aware, they can establish a security foundation, which is strong enough to withstand sophisticated threats. In order to make the user’s job easier, Cyware delivers the latest happenings of cyberworld directly to the reader’s inbox. All they need to do is subscribe to the different newsletters of Cyware such as CyBuzz Daily, CyHacker Daily and CyWeekly. Download Cyware app today and be cyber aware.