The emergent property of life

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Yesterday, I turned 17 and although 17 may not be perceived to be as exciting as 16 or as adventurous as 18, I quite like it. Seventeen seems like a pretty chill year. You don’t have the pressure of sweet sixteen hanging over you or the burden or being an adult at 18. It’s an in-between age which will hopefully allow me to grow into the person I have evolved into in 2016 and rise higher.

We spend almost a third of our life just waiting. Waiting for people, waiting for things to happen, waiting for life to just get back on track in general; and age actually influences a lot of this waiting.

On my 10th birthday, I insisted on extra gifts from my parents because my age was in double digits now. I was a big girl. I would be allowed to do more things now! From the day after my 10th birthday I started waiting for my 13th birthday

because that was when I would officially be a teen. If all the movies, stories, and tv shows were right (and they absolutely had to be) all the fun in life began when you turned 13! I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to stay up later, be allowed to go out more without as much supervision and do crazy things like teenagers always seemed to be doing. After that I waited to turn 16, because — SWEET SIXTEEN, YESS! All those things that never happened when I was 13 would happen now. So many new experiences to gain, so many crazy things still left to do! I thought that this is the year I would be making the bad decisions that would be the good stories I would tell my grandchildren.

I wish I could tell you that these were all exceptional years and toast to ‘the nights I won’t remember’, but it wasn’t like that. It was just another year. A sum total of every experience, every laugh, every tear, every failure, every success, every sentence, every word in 365 days, that had contributed to making me who I am today. Every year had phenomenal moments when I would cry with happiness but it had equally sad episodes. There were periods of intense, unrestrained fun while there were long stretches of boredom and studies. For every A+ there was also a B-. Waiting for some life changing event to happen in your life is the one sure way to ensure that it never happens. Stop waiting and start doing. Some famous person once said, that life can only be understood in retrospection, and it’s true! You don’t understand how all the little things in life interact to make a totally different whole. The sum of the whole is different from the sum of the component parts.


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