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Everyone knows being a doctor is no joke. Healthcare is an essential and important field that keeps people healthy and helps them when they are hurt. However, it isn’t a field that can be taken lightly. A doctor such as Rachel Tobin Yale can literally hold someone’s life in her hand and can play a big role in someone’s improved health or worse-off situation. Due to this fact, med school can’t be a walk in the park. Anyone who wants to be a doctor has to be extremely well prepared for the field they’re going into. Here are three factors that make med school one of the hardest feats anyone can tackle.


1. Medical Terms

In any field, there’s a language that’s specific to the world you’re involved in. Medicine is no different, and there are a lot of words you have to learn. Medical dictionaries have over 250 roots, prefixes and suffixes that all create the diseases and classifications doctors use on their patients. Memorizing these words is essential in your first year of med school. Whether you use flashcards, Quizlet or other outlets, it’s imperative you get these words engrained in your head if you want to make it through school. Here are some other tips you can check out to improve your memory skills.

2. Amount of Studying Involved

If you want to make it through med school, expect to be extremely busy. On top of learning medical terminology, the academic and practical assignments are very intense, especially in the first couple years. Having a super active social life and workload outside of school will be difficult because of how much studying and homework you’ll have. You also want to make sure you take your first two years of med school seriously because everything builds on each other from year to year. It’s important to actually understand what you’re learning because you will apply that knowledge in the real world on real patients.

3. Burnout

Since medical school is so intense, many students end up fading out during the duration of their schooling. Burnout is a major factor that makes the program harder and contributes to a high drop-out rate at many med schools.

If you are considering becoming a doctor, make sure you weigh all your options and know medicine is the path for you. It’s an intense process to become a certified doctor, but the reward of completing med school will surely outweigh all the work that went into it.

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