Have you been noticing some changes in your elderly parent lately? Are you considering whether Chevy Chase home care options may be necessary and, if so, what that care may look like? Here are three things to consider as you determine how to best support your parent as they navigate the aging process with dignity.


Changes in Hygiene

One of the signs to look for in an aging parent’s decline is a change in hygiene. This is normally seen as a general decline in the effort, ability, or interest in bathing and grooming themselves. Whether this stems from the inability to care for themselves or the depression that can occur with aging, there is often a connection here.

A Cluttered Home

If you have noticed an increase in the amount of clutter or the decline of the general condition of your parent’s home and yard, it may be because they lack the ability to care for the home as they once did. They may be frustrated that they can no longer maintain the home but want to remain there as long as possible.

Poor Nutrition

As your parent’s energy slows down and signs of aging increase, they can lose the stamina required to meal plan, grocery shop, and prepare meals. They may opt for easier meals and snack foods that lack in proper nutritional content, which can negatively impact their overall nutrition and health. If you notice that your parent is losing weight due to poor nutrition, this is a sign they may need support.

If you’re considering whether home care would be beneficial to your aging parent, remember some of the signs to look for. Identifying some clear indicators such as changes in hygiene, cluttered home and poor nutrition are just three clues that can help you determine whether it’s the time to have a conversation about home care.

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