5 Secret Tips for Keeping Your Diamond Engagement Ring Sparkling

Diamondare sturdy and can’t be easily damaged, but regular care is a must to retain its beauty forever. You should care for your diamond engagement ring not just because it is a precious gem but also because it is a symbol of your commitment to your partner. Here are few tips to keep your betrothal diamond rings always sparkling.

Take It Off While Performing Daily Chores

It’s natural that you need to perform daily chores at home. While doing so, people usually forget that they have worn a diamond ring and do their tasks without realizing that the dust particles or harsh detergents can ruin the sparkle of the diamond. The problem is even more intense if you are using chemicals like hairsprays, bleach and hair dye as these can really damage the diamond. So, always remove the ring and keep it safe from the dust and harmful chemicals.

Remove the Ring before Taking a Shower

When you have a shower, it’s possible that soap froth can form on the ring, which ultimately reduces the natural shine and increases the possibility of your ring slipping off. Similarly, washing hands frequently can also damage the ring and ultimately it will lose its shine. So, it is advisable to keep the ring away before you go for a shower.

Use a Jewellery Cleaning Solution

You should not be using water or soap to clean your diamond ring. Instead, you can opt for a jewellery cleaning solution. Soak the ring in this solution for just 2-3 minutes. Don’t leave it for more than 3 minutes as it can damage the metal. Take a soft brush and gently clean underneath and then carefully brush the top and sides. After that, dry it by using a soft microfiber cloth.

Pro tip: You can use steam to keep it completely free of dirt particles. This is a smart and easy way to keep diamond ringssparkling.

Store It Safely

It’s important to store this precious stone-studded ring safe when you are not wearing it. Ensure that it is not in contact with other jewellery when being stored. The reason is that diamond can get many scratches if it comes in contact with other stones. Use a pouch or soft cloth to wrap it and store in a safe jewellery box so that it does not lose its shine.

Get It Cleaned by an Expert Regularly

A regular check is absolutely worth the visit to the jeweller. Wear and tear can make the stone lose its shine. A professional clean-up can rejuvenate your ring and give it the same sparkle again. Experts can also give you more tips to enhance the life of the diamond ring.

Follow the above tips in order to keep your diamond ring sparkling new for several years.