5 Important Tips for Air Compressor Maintenance | For Construction Pros

Air compressors are versatile machinery. Smaller models may find their place in a home workshop or garage, while larger equipment may find its place in manufacturing. No matter the size, here are some things you should be doing to keep your air compressors functioning at their best.


Stay On Schedule

Everything doesn’t have to be done at once, just with regularity. Sometimes you can stagger maintenance depending on the individual needs of parts and components.

Stay Connected

Vibrations occur as a normal part of the operation of compressors, which means these machines can literally shake themselves apart. This makes the routine tightening of fasteners and hoses necessary. Hoses should also be checked for wear and replaced if they show signs of leaking or other damage.

Stay Dry

Air compressors remove moisture from the air they take in. If you live in a very hot and humid area or have been experiencing a lot of rainfall, you should make a point to empty the collection tanks sooner than recommended by the manual.

Stay Safe

If you’re working with antiquated equipment you may want to replace older models entirely if they don’t have an automatic safety shut-off feature. Even if you’ve had a new air compressor installation Jacksonville FL recently, you should be testing the self-shut off regularly to ensure that your equipment can protect itself (and you) if it starts to overheat while operating.

Stay Clean

Vents and air filters can get clogged quickly. They should be checked the most frequently, maybe even daily, to ensure they’re functioning as needed.

Fuel tanks and engines should be cleaned annually. How often the oil needs to be changed depends on how many hours the air compressor has been running. Similarly, the separator elements should be regularly serviced depending on the frequency of machine use. Check your manual for recommendations for both.

If you follow these steps you not only keep your equipment at peak performance but prolong its life expectancy. An hour of maintenance can mean years of continued productivity.

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