How to Take Care of Your Mental Health After a Knee Replacement

A small movement in the wrong direction may result in a knee injury that becomes increasingly painful. Many knee injuries require some type of surgery. Even injuries that do not require an invasive procedure to repair damage could persist for months. Furthermore, surgery is not always a quick fix, and the road to recovery may take some time. Here are some ways that you can speed up your recovery and promote healing when you’re dealing with a knee injury.


1. Don’t Try to “Walk It Off”

Ignoring a knee injury will not help it go away. In fact, you may worsen your injury. If you experience knee pain, apply ice and elevate it to reduce inflammation. Seek medical treatment if your pain feels severe.

2. Wear a Brace

A knee brace can reduce the impact of motion on inflamed tissue. Support will prevent you from repeating the wrong type of movement that caused your injury.

3. Get Help With Physical Therapy

For help with physiotherapy Burlington ON, reach out to a provider that offers a variety of therapy treatments. Attending physical therapy and staying consistent about doing exercises that your physical therapist assigns to you can make a big difference in your recovery.

4. Eat Healthy

Being overweight can take a serious toll on your knees, so it may make recovering from a knee injury a lot more difficult. If you’re having trouble with mobility, you may be limited in how you’re able to exercise to lose weight. Try to focus on eating healthy foods that will give your body vitamins and nutrients to heal instead of foods that are full of empty calories that get converted to body fat.

5. Take Anti-Inflammatories as Directed

An anti-inflammatory medication is a good way to treat acute inflammation. Bear in mind, however, that you should avoid taking anti-inflammatories for a considerable length of time.

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