8 Short Layered Haircuts That Will Flawlessly Bring Out the Fun in You

There is actually no right time to look for the right layered haircuts, anytime you feel like having one can be the good time for you to have it. Every day, newer styles of stunning short layered hairstyles are made.

These hairstyles are extra trendy than their predecessors, but also super handy and easy to maintain especially for a woman like you! These classy layered haircuts come in various colours and also offer a considerable fun with movement.

  1. Triangular Graduated Bob

This is a very up to date classic haircut that uniquely fits the bone structure of all the women due to its triangular nature.

The hairstyle is most suitable for the clients who need to be bold, have confidence and are keen on the way they style. Ideal also if you like sleek more than disheveled.

  1. Elegant Textured Bob

The name defines everything; the sassiness and classiness of the hairstyle is the defining characteristic of this hairstyle.

If you like to have some movement, then it is advised you wear it sleek or with much-layered volume to achieve that. It is recommended layered haircut for women with strong cheekbones.

  1. Mixed Inverted Bob

It is defined by its many layers and lots of movement. Its styling is particularly meant to have it look messy loose curls to give way the textured layers. It is liked because of its low maintenance costs and effortless maintenance.

  1. Conventional Detached Haircut

If you want to look sleek, fun and at the same time professional, you should consider this hairstyle. It is ideal for most types of hairs but appears gorgeous in skinny layered hair.

  1. Soft Layered Haircuts Bobs

The layered cut gives you all that you admire in a bob less harsh lines. It is a quite versatile style that can be styled wavy or smooth and silky. It suits all the hair types but if you have fine hair, you will look even more stunning.

  1. Layered Angled Bob

This cut is angled and extended at the front. Due to its versatility, the style can be worn straight or include some beachy curls for the fun look. Ideal for oval shaped faces.

  1. Textured Layered Hair

You can have both formal and casual look with this haircut. Can be tailored to fit your needs. For instance, it can be kept shaggy and messy during the day, and during the evening the curls can be taken to the back to make the hearing to be seen.

  1. Broken Curls

The uniqueness of these layered haircuts is their weak waves composed of layered bob. Just wear it sleek and throw some light wave and you will rock.

If you are a little casual and a little professional, you can balance the duo with this stunning look.