Ahmedabad – Gujarat’s pride

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One city in Gujarat that sure stands out is Ahmedabad. The city, which is one of the major Tier-I cities in the country has plenty of attractions and amenities that make it a place that must be visited if one loves travelling.

Seeped in Gujarati pride, Ahmedabad is the is the largest city in the state and has the Sabarmati River passing through its centre. It is also a city that is best explored on a car and getting an online cab booking in Ahmedabad shouldn’t be much of a hassle as there are plenty of options available for anyone who is interested. Ahmedabad is a place where one must spend at least a week to get to know the city better. It is a peaceful city with warm people who will make your visit comfortable and memorable, to say the least.

Best attractions:

The first most important attraction in the city is the Sabarmati River which runs right in the centre of the city. The river is an important source of water for the city and runs for close to 400 kilometres. Right by the banks of the river is the world-famous Sabarmati Ashram, which houses relics and artefacts of the famous leader, Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi was the father of the nation and is held in high regard amongst the Gujaratis and Amdavadis as well. He lived at the ashram for about twelve years when he was alive. The famous Dandi march commenced from this ashram as well and is one of the historical movements in India’s freedom struggle.

One place which is sure to delight kids is the Kankaria Lake. Build nearly 600 years ago, thisman-made water body has a lot of attractions by its bank such as a zoo, toy train, a kids park, water park, and other entertainment facilities. Also, there is a week-long carnival known as the Kankaria mela and features a lot of colour and action. Though it is held in the last month of December, one can still travel and enjoy the lake during the rest of the year as well.

Another place that must be visited is the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, which was built close to 500 years back. It is one of the most historic mosques in the state and is an architectural thing of beauty. Built of marble, the mosque has many arches that lend a mosaic design to the interiors during the day, and the lattice-inspired tree design on the arches is considered to be an unofficial symbol of the city. Just complete an online taxi booking in Ahmedabad and explore the many flavours of this multi-faceted city.

Great vegetarian options

Ahmedabad is a great option for anyone who wants to have good vegetarian food. One cannot leave without trying the dhoklas, fafdas and theplas – all local Gujarati fare that is light on the stomach. There are non-veg options as well, where succulent kebabs and other dishes await. Head over and have a great summer holiday with friends or family!