How to get a Jump Start on This Christmas

You know that Christmas is going to come every year, but if you are like so many of us, you don’t give it a second thought until the holiday season is already upon you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the work done way ahead of time so that you can actually have time to enjoy yourself this year? Use these tips to help you get there.

Start Shopping Early

The best day to start Christmas shopping is December 26th. Take advantage of after Christmas sales to stock up on cards, paper, and decorations. Go out again in February to find some excellent deals on winter clothing, accessories, and outerwear that you can save as gifts. You also want to keep your eyes peeled throughout the year for items that you come across and think would be absolutely perfect for a friend or family member.

Pre-Plan the Menu

Plan your Christmas dinner menu in the early fall. You can start buying non-perishable items right away. In October, stock up on baking supplies. Mix up cookie dough and keep it in the freezer until you need it. Take advantage of the great deals around Thanksgiving. A turkey can also be tucked in the freezer until December.

Organize the Decorating

Keep decorations organized in well-marked bins kept on shelving. You can find companies that can make customized shelving by searching for metal fabrication near me portland or residents rely on. Put up outside lights right after Halloween while it is still warm. You can put up artificial trees and light them in November, but save the ornaments for December.

Shopping throughout the year will free up precious time once the holidays arrive, and it just might save you some money. Plan your menu well in advance, and start decorating as soon as Halloween is over. The reward for your hard work will be a Christmas spent having fun rather than being stressed out.