Grow Your Business by Adding Laundry Services

Whether you own an apartment complex, a laundry mat or a retail space, you can expand your income by adding laundry services. People of all income levels need clean clothes for work and play, but not everyone has access to the machines and equipment to wash everything at home.

Buy Used Machines

When you buy used machines and the commercial laundry parts that they need, you can save on your initial start-up costs as well as keep your equipment running better for longer. Since you are adding laundry services to an already existing business, you can start with a couple of machines and grow from there.

Add Coin or Card Operated Machines

Almost any open retail space can be turned into a laundry mat with a couple of coin or card operated machines, giving you more income in your apartment complex or turning an empty storefront into a money maker. Since manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment are adding more payment options, you can also diversify the way that your laundry mat takes payment by having both coin and card operated machines as well as automated teller machines and money changers.

Wash It for Them

One of the biggest reasons why people do not like doing laundry is because of the time involved in waiting for the machines to do their job. So, why not wash the laundry for them. This can be as simple as offering laundry and folding services for people to drop off items on the way to work or as complex as picking up and delivering laundry for restaurants.

Since everyone has to wash clothes at some point, why not make some money helping them out? This can be adding laundry services to your apartment complex or retail space as well as expanding customer options in an existing laundry mat. With the right machines and repair parts, you can make more than you spend in the washing business.