Health Benefits Of Smoking Cigars

While it may seem like an odd thing to claim, there are actually some health benefits to smoking cigars. This is not to say that someone should start smoking cigars if they do not do so already, but if someone is currently a cigar smoker, this article is intended to merely point out some of the positive aspects of smoking cigars from This is information that most news places will not report on because it is counter-intuitive to their business.

It has been well-documented that the mere process of smoking a cigar can actually lower the blood pressure. This means that the occasional cigar smoker can relax knowing that they helping to avoid stress by enjoying a quality cigar. Of course, if someone is smoking a handful of cigars, the same does not ring true. An occasional cigar smoker is defined as someone who smokes 1 or fewer cigars per day. Not only is relieving stress a physical benefit but it is very much a benefit to their mental health as well.

It is also well-documented that smoking tobacco suppresses the appetite which can obviously result in weight loss. This is not to say that somebody should start smoking cigars in an attempt at losing weight but if they are suffering from weight-related issues and are a tobacco smoker, they may want to try switching to cigars instead of regular cigarettes.

As you can see, there are some positives that a current cigar smoker can enjoy without feeling bad about themselves. While no one should pick up the habit in the sole attempt to glean these health benefits, there are positives and it is not all full of negatives like some would have you beleive. For cigar enthusiasts, this is certainly good news, to say the least.