National Herald case, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul gandhi

Intensifying attack on top Congress leaders Rahul Gandhiand Sonia Gandhi over National Herald case, BJP accused them of using “pressure tactics” by “obstructing” the Parliament to prevent further investigation in the matter.

“Congress leaders are trying to obstruct Parliament for their own interest. They are creating hurdles in the country’s progress and jeopardising people’s interests,” BJP National General Secretary Arun Singh said here.

Asking Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to go to the court instead of holding Parliament hostage, Singh said “Congress leaders are simply using pressure tactics in a bid to prevent further investigation in the matter as they fear more damage if detailed probe is conducted.”

Hitting out at Congress for making allegations like “Vendetta” politics, the BJP leader said that Rahul Gandhi had earlier threatened to file defamation suit and wondered as to why the Congress Vice-President did not take any such step.

“Congress is simply trying to mislead people by making wild and baseless allegations and creating noise. But they should realise that people will never forgive them,” he said.

While in power, Congress lost its credibility due to misrule, corruption and price rise and now in the opposition, the party has failed to play a constructive role for the development of the country and interest of people, Singh said adding people would teach Congress a lesson for playing negative politics.

Congress should realise that its leaders are not above the country’s courts and judiciary, he said.

[Source:-The Indian Express]

By Adam