Most parents across the United States send their children to preschool.

Although not required by any states or the federal government, preschool is thought to better prepare children for life than not going to preschool. Choosing what preschool your child attends is nothing short of difficult. Considering the potential of your child attending a nontraditional preschool like a Montessori school is most likely a thought that hasn’t come anywhere close to crossing your mind.

Alternative schools like Montessori conduct themselves differently from modern public schools in the United States, almost all of which use the outdated Prussian model of education. Now’s a good time to detail major differences between Montessori preschools and their traditional counterparts. Take notes!

Montessori Preschools Have Children Do Their Own Things

One of the most remarkable things about Montessori schools is that students regulate themselves. Teachers, at least in today’s traditional schools, generally try to pace students along at the same rate so no students are left behind their proverbial student-teacher pack. Montessori schools do not try to keep all students on the same path. Students who learn faster than others are encouraged to do so. People of different ages regularly work alongside one another and learn the same things, too.

Students of Montessori Preschools Pick Their Own Work

How many times in school have you been uninterested in topics taught in class? Far, far too many! Although students can’t learn about any topic that comes to mind, they can pick productive activities based on their hobbies and interests as a means of truly making learning fun.

Montessori Schools Tend Not to Go Crazy for Clocks

Traditional schools and preschools are all about time. Montessori preschools, on the other hand, structure classrooms to the extent that traditional schools structure schedules. Time is not, in fact, scheduled rigidly in Montessori programs.

Only thorough research can provide you with a solid idea of what the best preschool near me is. Make sure to involve your child in picking a preschool – make it fun for him or her!