If you’ve been researching supplements, whether that be to promote muscle growth, weight loss, or healthy hair and skin, you’re sure to have seen one word crop up time and again: peptides. This humble chain of amino acids seems able to do it all, but what are they, how are they formed, and what they do precisely?


What Are Peptides?

Peptides are found in every cell in your body. They’re chains of amino acids (usually 50 or less, chains of over 50 amino acids are considered proteins) linked together by peptide bonds. Ryan Smith Lexington KY, a leader within the biomedical space, describes peptides as small proteins. A peptide’s function depends on its amino structure; they work as hormones and pain relievers, but their recent rise in popularity is within the health and fitness space for weight loss and muscle growth.

How Do Peptides Assist Weight Loss?

Peptides alter the way your body burns fat. You need energy for everything you do, including talking, sleeping and eating. Usually, your body burns glucose for energy, which it has to burn through before it can start on your fat reserves. Peptides block your body from accessing the glucose reserves, diverting it to fat reserves instead, which means you’re in a constant fat-burning state.

How Can You Increase Your Peptide Levels?

The amino acids and peptides found naturally in your body deteriorate as you get older. Have you noticed your skin sagging, your strength waning, and that you tend to gain more fat than muscle? This is all due to a depleted reserve of aminos. For optimum health, you should take an amino acid supplement to bolster your natural supply, but you can also take peptide supplements. These are more stable than amino acids as they’re already in the structure you need them to be, and they’re more easily absorbed.

Introduce amino acid and peptide supplements into your diet and begin to feel and see the difference in just a few weeks.

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