Soak in beauty of Shivansamudra Falls in the Monsoons with a self-drive car

Come monsoon and the bone-drenching rainfall that India receives, one is bitten by the travel bug, and the urge to take a refreshing road trip with friends and family is overwhelming. The state of Karnataka is blessed with many breath-taking locations to be visited during the monsoons and Shivanasamudra Falls is surely a must-see during this season. Located on the banks of the River Kaveri, the city of Shivanasamudra is home to this majestic and mesmerising waterfall. Travellers are greeted with the spell-binding sight the waterfall offers and the drive to this place is completely justified and worth the effort.

A relaxing drive and truly rewarding sights

One can easily connect to this beautiful place, as Shivanasamdra Falls are about 140 kilometres away from Bangalore.One can opt for a self-drive car rental to take in the rich experience of driving with friends and family for company. This allows one to make unscheduled stops on the way and enjoy nature’s bounty to its fullest. Sip hot tea or coffee while watching the rains give the surrounding areas a complete makeover and bond with fellow travellers over some tasty snacks. The freedom of travelling on one’s own terms, in a chosen vehicle, liberates one’s soul and enthuses one with energy and happiness.

Choices galore for the enthusiastic traveller

Not owning a car is no longer a limitation for one wanting to take a road trip, since innovative agencies like Zoomcar offer self-drive cars in Bangalore and other Indian cities. Nomadic souls love to choose from the huge range of vehicles they offer, be it a compact hatchback or a sturdy SUV.All the vehicles are meticulously maintained and reinforced by a 24 x 7 on-road support, a feature which is especially helpful when driving in the monsoons. One can rest their own car for the weekend and drive the dream car one always wanted to. Flexible plans can be opted for when one books a comfortable vehicle.Providers like Zoomcar have enabled booking on the app,whichensuresconvenience.

Take that much-needed break

An invigorating self-drive monsoon vacation is highly recommended for all the city folk who are subjected to the stresses of life and are keen to refresh their minds and bodies. With the abundance of Mother Nature for company, and the amazing sights the Shivanasamudra Falls offers, one can witness many breath-taking visions en-route to one of the best waterfalls in this region.