Toxins from Tap Water that Could Kill You

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With elevating concerns of degrading environmental health, there have been several issues erupting in the past few years. One of the major concerns in this globally polluted world is the bad quality of water and there are several reasons contributing to the degrading quality of water. Today, it is subjected to a lot of risks. Be it residential area or commercial, mainly tap water is under extensive scrutiny for being unhygienic and full of harmful toxins.

Keeping this in mind, the demand for RO systems has comparatively increased in almost every household. However, if you are still drinking your same old tap water, you need to know that you might be consuming below-mentioned pollutants.

  • Odourless & Tasteless Arsenic:

Arsenic is a semi-metal element, which is usually deprived of taste and odour. Upon thorough research, it was found that this element has the tendency to enter the tap water through industrial & agricultural practices, such as coal burning or mining. Not just that, but it can even enter drinking water through natural ground deposits.

So, if this harmful toxin is present in your tap water, its high quantity in the body can cause organ failure, followed by untimely death.

  • Neurotoxin Fluoride:

Fluoride is another harmful toxin that is competent enough to disrupt the endocrine system. Fluoride can also impair the thyroid gland, harm the neurological tissue, and damage the immune system and cause several other problems. In most of the cases, Fluoride has even been the cause of cancer in innumerable humans. So, regardless to say, it impacts your body parts severely.

  • Heavy Metal Aluminium:

Aluminium has the potential to damage primary organs of the body, including liver, neurological system, and gastrointestinal system. Excessive consumption of aluminium can cause deficiency of selenium and zinc, which are the essential minerals for the immune system. The probability of aluminium being present in your tap water is quite high. To get rid of this, ensure that you have a reliable RO system at home.

  • Herbicides and Pesticides:

Usually, farmers use pesticides and herbicides to prevent pests from damaging the crops. But, mostly, soil soaks excessive pesticide, and these end up in lakes and rivers during the monsoon. If consumed inadequately, these toxins can cause several diseases, including liver problems, reproductive problems, and cancer.

  • Radon:

Radon is a compound that is created during the collapse of thorium and uranium in the soil, water, rock, and building materials. It is not just dangerous if inhaled, but it can also disrupt the normal functioning of a human body if one consumes internally through water.

These are just a handful of toxins; however, the list is quite huge. There is no denying the fact that water today is contaminated and polluted. Until a serious step is taken towards it, you need to take the matter into your hands. To make the situation less risky, install an RO system in your house and consume only purified water.