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A hotplate is standard laboratory equipment that is used for heating elements in a controlled environment. It can be described as a self-contained electronic laboratory warmer or heater used for heating lab samples in flasks, glass beakers, bottles, vials, or other laboratory vessels.

Hotplates are designed to fit perfectly on lab tabletops; therefore, they leave a small space footprint. In comparison to gas burners, hotplates are more effective and reliable. They heat samples faster and distribute heat evenly, unlike gas burners which heat samples depending on several factors such as the amount of gas present or how the vessel is held.

Besides, other hotplates come with stirrers. A hotplate that comes with a stirrer is called a stirring hotplate. These hotplates use a magnetic stirrer to keep liquid samples in circulation, ensuring that even heat is distributed within the liquid being heated. That makes the samples heat faster, saving time and electricity. Also, better results are achieved because even heating allows uniform chemical reactions within the sample.


Benefits of Using Stirring Hotplates

Stirring hotplates have their benefits for the users, such as:

They Make for Safe Experiments

Hotplate stirrers increase safety when conducting scientific experiments. When conducting experiments with corrosive or reactive agents, accidents can occur, leading to burns and scars. The risk is higher when the scientist is manually stirring the liquid to ensure even heat distribution. However, stirrers use technology such as magnetism to stir the liquid samples, ensuring that the scientist can stay at a safe distance during heating. It prevents accidents such as burns or corrosion in the event of a split.

They Make Work Easier

Hotplates come with certain technological upgrades, such as in-built timers and temperature sensors. There is no need to use stopwatches to time the heating time or thermometers to measure temperatures when using them. They make work easier for scientists when they are conducting experiments.

Final Thoughts

Stirring hotplates are standard laboratory equipment that helps scientists heat sample liquids faster and safely. They use smart technology such as magnetism to stir liquid samples, allowing uniform and faster heating of the samples.

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