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If you are trying to reduce quitting by abusing drugs or drinking alcohol, you should experience cravings. However, withdrawal from drugs like heavy alcohol consumption, meth, opiates, or benzodiazepines can be dangerous or even fatal. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a doctor or seek help from a rehab center. The following are some tips you can use to handle your alcohol and drug cravings.


Accept the Condition

When you experience cravings to use a specific drug or drink alcohol, you need to acknowledge cravings are usual and inevitable. It is common for people undergoing treatment or recovery to encounter cravings from time to time. Cravings are not an indication of a wrong thing or failure. Furthermore, using a certain drug or drinking alcohol for an extended period requires developing strategies to cope with their new lifestyle. This is an effective method of preventing a relapse. Therefore, you should accept the condition and avoid feeling bad about it. However, you have to develop coping mechanisms.

Use Delay Mechanisms

Mental activities of urges and cravings eventually disappear after some time unless someone pays attention to them. Therefore, it is essential to give them time to allow them to disappear. If the cravings fail to disappear after ten to fifteen minutes, you may be exposed to the stimulus of cravings. Avoid giving in to the urge, regardless of the condition, since it eventually passes.

Talk About it With Someone 

According to Austin rehab, expressing how you feel when you experience cravings can help you feel in control. Therefore, it is crucial to have a companion when undergoing recovery or addiction treatment. You can seek help from a friend or family member. If you do not have someone you can trust, consider seeking professional help. Besides, some addiction treatment facilities allow individuals to visit institutions, present urgent appointments, or even have weekly or daily therapy sessions. Although it may be impossible to talk to a person immediately, it’s worth consideration. Furthermore, many psychologists and counselors can see a person at short notice.

Take a Bath

Soothing the mind and body using a warm bath can help you handle using a drug. Besides, bathing also helps to deal with and cleanse discomforts like aching muscles.


Meditation is an effective way of clearing the mind and calming the body. Besides, it’s easy and free to teach yourself. You can also meditate anywhere and anytime using mindfulness meditation.

Get Some Exercise

Exercisingis another effective method of dealing with cravings. It is an effective distraction, particularly when a person engages in something that needs a lot of skill, such as sporting activities. Exercising also improves a person’s mood and reduces anxiety. You can also exercise to strengthen your willpower and improve your emotions. These benefits are essential when a person experiences cravings for drinking alcohol or using a particular drug. You can also engage in simple exercises like walking around your neighborhood.

Avoid Triggering Areas and Situation

Certain places or situations can stimulate cravings. For example, being in a place that serves or sells alcohol, being with a person who stresses you, or being in the company of your former drinking partner can trigger you to drink alcohol or abuse a drug. Therefore, the best solution is to avoid any negative areas or situations which may stimulate cravings. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand your triggers since it may help you adopt coping mechanisms and ways to deal with them. If you are unsure why your cravings persist, you can consider changing your environment.

Addiction treatment and recovery need a person’s effort and commitment. Therefore, developing ways of handling cravings can help you to avoid a relapse and enhance your recovery.

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