Ravi Shastri on Virat Kohli: Twin series wins show he's a leader

New Delhi: Team India director Ravi Shastri on Sunday stated Test skipper has matured into a leader after having taken over charge relatively early in his career.

In an interview with the Times of India, Shastri said the twin series wins against Sri Lanka and South Africa are proof of Kohli’s leadership abilities.

“The year has ended. The selectors do their job. My job is to look after the way the team plays. Like I said, I’m absolutely proud of the guys, the way they played. Virat was a young kid who took over the rein one year ago. Today, he’s shown that he’s a leader, after two back-to-back series wins,” he told TOI.

“We don’t look into all that. Our job is get runs, take wickets and pick your catches, and put the score line of the series. After that, what people want to say, they are entitled to say . They get paid to talk and write.” said Shastri on Kohli’s recent criticism of the press.

Ravi Shastri and his team have done a good job ever since they were appointed by the BCCI over 13 months ago.

With the team happy with Shastri, BCCI appears to have delayed its plans of appointing a full-time coach for Team India.

[Source:- ZEE NEWS]


By Adam