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How 15th Finance Commission is trying to manage South India’s anger over tax division – and failing

No other country carries within it the diversity that India does. This trite-but-true dictum extends even to taxation, with different states having markedly different rates of prosperity. Karnataka, for example, has a per capita income that is almost five times that of Bihar. Expectedly, the manner in which India distributes the tax revenue it raises between the Union government and ... Read More »

This lifestyle brand is trying to put the Northeast on India’s retail map

In an effort to put the Northeast on the retail map of the country, lifestyle brand ANTS is combining contemporary design and craft to deliver a globally inclined yet locally rooted range of designer products. ANTS, an offshoot of The Action North East Trust of Assam, is making its lifestyle brand a platform not just to generate a sustainable livelihood for the artisans of ... Read More »