New technology making it harder to get free drinks at casinos

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada– It’s already getting harder to get free drinks while gambling in Las Vegas, thanks to some new technology. That soon could become commonplace, spreading from the strip to local casinos.

Arden Progressive Systems & Games wants to implement their new technology in casinos across the country, including here in the Quad Cities.

It’s a green light, red light alert system designed to tell casino staff if you’re playing enough to qualify for drinks on the house.

Here’s how it works”

  • When you enter money into a bar top machine like video poker, Blackjack, or Keno, the machine turns on a blue light to show someone is playing.
  • As you play enough, your light will turn green, alerting the bartender you are ready for a drink.
  • If you fall behind and don’t gamble at a fast enough rate, your light will turn red.

“It gets rid of the people that want to hang around and play a quarter and try to basically, I don’t want to use the word scam, but basically take advantage of the system,” said Albert Tabola, the technology’s creator.

He says Ceasars Entertainment already uses the system in their hotels, and they’ve seen a 35% savings on comped drink costs since the technology roll-out.

Those numbers are too good for casinos around the country to pass up. Tabola is pitching his technology to local casinos, in hopes the technology will become common in casinos everywhere.

Tabola stresses, if you’re a consistent player, this won’t affect you. You will still get your comped drinks. He says it only affects the people who want something for nothing.