Mexico announces compulsory ESL in primary schools

As of next year, learning English language will be compulsory for state primary school students in Mexico, in a bid to better prepare students for a globalised world and encourage more students to study abroad. President Peña Nieto, who is backing the initiative to introduce compulsory ESL, visiting a primary school. Photo: Beckie graduated from the University of Leeds ... Read More »

ELT worth £1.2bn to UK, but market is tougher, younger

The UK’s ELT sector generated £1.2bn in export earnings in 2014, supporting some 26,500 jobs, a first-of-its-kind report by representative body English UK has shown. However, at last week’s British Council SIEM conference, ELT stakeholders noted that trading conditions have got even tougher since 2014 when the year-end figures were used in the report. L-R: Jane Dancaster, Timothy Blake, Conor Burns MP for Bournemouth; Huan ... Read More »

International students – A good investment

Foreign students contribute more to Denmark in financial terms than they cost to complete their higher education degrees, a study has found. The study, by a Danish think-tank on the socio-economic impact of international students, found that they contributed more than $US24 million to the economy in the 12 years to 2008, even after deducting the costs it took to ... Read More »

China’s economic woes unlikely to curb flow of students to Canada: analyst

Despite the expected economic slowdown in China, the number of students from the country seeking education abroad will not diminish for at least the next five years, with Canada and the United States continuing to be their top destinations, an American researcher says Photograph by: NICK PROCAYLO , Vancouver Sun Despite the expected economic slowdown in China, the number of ... Read More »

How is the UK pathway sector evolving? More focus on integration, TNE, transparency

Pathway programmes in the UK are evolving and benefitting from consecutive years of experience in preparing students academically and emotionally for life at a university overseas. L-R: Photo: Carolyn Walker, INTO at the University of Exeter; Pater McLaughlin, ONCAMPUS London; Linda Cowan, Kaplan International Colleges; Amy Baker, The PIE. Photo: The PIE News. Beckie graduated from the University of Leeds ... Read More »

WES urges US institutions to focus recruitment on emerging markets

US institutions hoping to increase their international student recruitment should look to Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and Nigeria as the top four emerging markets to watch over the next three years. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brazil is one of the four emerging markets identified in the WES study. Photo: Flickr/José Fernandez Jr. Beckie graduated from the University of Leeds with a ... Read More »

The discerning Indian student

Where are Indian students most likely to study when they go to America for a master’s degree? According to a new report on How Master’s Students Choose Institutions: Research on International Student Segmentation by the New York City-based World Education Services, in contrast to their Chinese peers, Indian students usually have low financial resources. And this affects their values, motivations ... Read More »

How are educators staying relevant to digital natives?

The mathematical meaning of nano is 10 to the ninth degree or one billionth of the whole. When we’re talking about education, though, it’s hard to believe that nanolearning can be a viable way of learning when information is broken down into small fractions. It’s easier to imagine education marketers might have got caught up in technology buzzwords, especially when one ... Read More »

MIT Master’s Program to Use MOOCs as ‘Admissions Test’

MIT L. Rafael Reif, president of MIT, shown here with the under secretary of education, Ted Mitchell, at a recent online-learning summit, said on Wednesday that he hopes a new twist on admissions will lead to a broader pool of applicants. MOOCs may soon become a prominent factor in admissions decisions at selective colleges, a way for students who may ... Read More »

NZ: strong growth driven by postgrads

New Zealand’s education sector is continuing to enjoy strong growth, withnew figures showing 13% year-on-year growth in international student numbers in the first two semesters of 2015. Swelling postgraduate numbers at private and vocational providers have driven growth, pushing overall numbers to break the 100,000 mark for the first recorded time. Priority market trends: 2-15 Jan-Aug student enrolments. Image: ENZ snapshot. ... Read More »