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Pandora steps up personalization in streaming battle

Pandora is starting “Thumbprint Radio,” a personalized channel based on the “thumbs up” of approval clicked by listeners while on the platform Internet radio giant Pandora on Monday introduced a feature to improve personalization of musical selections as it hopes to prevent potential defections to on-demand sites. Unlike major streaming sites such as Spotify that allow listeners to pick each ... Read More »

Spotify hit with $150 million copyright suit

Artist David Lowery accused Spotify of copying and distributing compositions for its online service without permission or informing the copyright holders An artist has filed a $150 million lawsuit against Spotify, alleging that the leader of the streaming sector has knowingly reproduced copyrighted songs. David Lowery, best known for leading alternative rock bands Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, asked a ... Read More »

Amazon Launches Internet of Things Cloud Service

It’s official. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has pulled the beta tag off its cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform, announced AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr on Dec. 18. Dubbed AWS IoT, the offering enables organizations to link and manage their connected devices. Prices start at $5 per million messages. The AWS Free Tier plan includes 250,000 messages per month for ... Read More »

EU mulls age limit for social media use

The European Union is mulling setting an age for parental consent, perhaps as high as 18, for users of social media The European Union was mulling the possibility Tuesday of setting an age for parental consent, perhaps as high as 18, for users of social media such as Facebook, EU sources said. Officials from the European Council of member states, ... Read More »

Twitter acts to curb ‘abusive,’ ‘hateful’ content

Twitter executives said December 29, 2015 that the service would take new steps to curb “abusive behavior and hateful conduct” on the global socia-media platform, as the US and other governments eyed jihadists’ use of the service as a recruiting tool Twitter said Tuesday it was taking new steps to stem “abusive behavior and hateful conduct” on the global messaging ... Read More »

Facebook, LinkedIn Reflect on 2015: The Year in Open Source

Both Facebook and LinkedIn look back on 2015 as a seminal year for open-source technology at their respective companies. With 2015 at its end, Facebook took a look back at its year of using, developing and contributing to open-source software.In a blog post, Christine Abernathy, developer advocate for the Facebook open-source team, said the open-source program at Facebook has grown, ... Read More »

Free Internet service for over 3 million Egyptians shut down

In this March 30, 2011, file photo. an art student from the University of Helwan paints the Facebook logo on a mural commemorating the revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak in the Zamalek neighborhood of Cairo, Egypt.  A program that had been giving free basic Internet services to over three million Egyptians was shut down on Wednesday, social media site Facebook ... Read More »

Rating KDE Applications: Great to Not too Good

On the Manjaro mail forum, a thread is rating KDE applications into three categories: second to none, decent, and better uninstalled and replaced. Despite the modern proliferation of desktop environments, such a rating could only be done with GNOME or KDE. No other desktops have encouraged as extensive ecosystems of applications, and, in fact, most modern desktops borrow from GNOME. ... Read More »

MIT, Adobe aim to end ‘code rot’ by letting software auto-optimize

In a job market absolutely stuffed with computer programming positions, few in the general population care, or should, about the complaints of pampered coders. “Oh, is PHP disorganized and difficult to bug-check? Boo-hoo, you’ll just have to bill some more over-priced hours, I guess.” But that sort of schadenfreude is self-defeating, since coders create the tools we use to interact ... Read More »

Strangling Superfish: Microsoft will block ad-injection software to prevent attacks

Lenovo’s Superfish scandal of early 2015 was one of the mostsignificant computer security issues of the last decade. For those of you who don’t recall, the Chinese manufacturer shipped a number of IdeaPad models with a root certificate installed that fundamentally broke SSL encryption, and allowed a third party to inject content virtually at will, as well as to spy on ... Read More »