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To break terrorist encryption, pay off Apple and Google, expert urges

To break encrypted smartphone messages used by terrorists, tech companies such as Apple and Google need to be paid by law enforcement, an expert urged Thursday. “If there were a financial incentive for Google and Apple to assist law enforcement, then they would be more willing to change their encryption technology to facilitate law enforcement in possession of a warrant,” ... Read More »

Cybersecurity bill approved, but what does it accomplish?

It may have been easy for Congress on Friday to approve the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), despite past controversy around it. This bill does not hike federal spending or impose sweeping regulatory rules. Its main feature is something many firms will be happy to get: liability protection if they share information with the government about cyberthreats and attacks. CISA ... Read More »

Red Hat Extends Docker Commitment via Cloud Service

With interest in all things related to microservices and containers on the rise, most IT organizations are actively investing in technologies that promise to transform enterprise IT. The challenge is that not many enterprise IT organizations are going to make that shift quickly. With that in mind, Red Hat today announced the general availability of OpenShift Dedicated, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) ... Read More »

Hyatt hotel visitors hit by payments system hack

Hotel group Hyatt is warning visitors of a security breach in its customer payment system. The company said it had found malware on the payment processing computers for the hotels it managed. Hyatt’s global president of operations Chuck Floyd said that the problem had been fixed, but advised past customers to check bank statements for any unusual activity. “As soon ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why You Need Backup for Office 365

Human Error SaaS vendors can’t protect you from yourself. Office 365 is a great platform that makes it easy for employees to edit the same document at the same time or view updates to workloads in real time, across any device. Unfortunately, the collaborative environment also makes it easy for files to be accidentally deleted. In fact, according to CloudHQ, ... Read More »

Ghosts in the Machine

After my father died unexpectedly in 2011, I went home to Virginia to help my sisters attend to his personal effects. His 60 years of life were soon dismantled with startling and mind-­numbing speed. We sold his green truck, emptied his apartment, sorted through his things and then packed those up and sold them too. We had a to-do list, ... Read More »

Cloud Security Concerns Depend on the Industry

Chances are very good that in 2016, your company will adopt cloud computing or will use it more than it did in the past. IDG’s 2015 Cloud Computing Study predicts that 72 percent of companies will have at least one cloud-based application, 48 percent of companies will move to the cloud as a way to replace on-site legacy systems, and ... Read More »

The Holidays: Time for Some Out-of-the-Box Thinking

The holidays are a time of year when you take a step back from the day-to-day and think about the big picture. For enterprise executives, those thoughts should be swirling around the future of the data environment. At one time, data infrastructure was a fixed, known quantity, but those days are quickly coming to an end. In a virtual, distributed ... Read More »

Hello Kitty security leak ‘corrected’

A security loophole on the Hello Kitty website that exposed millions of people’s personal data has been “corrected” says the brand’s owner. Earlier this week a computer security researcher revealed that information about 3.3 million Sanrio Town members was accessible. The Japanese firm Sanrio, which owns Hello Kitty and runs Sanrio Town, said it had now closed the loophole. It ... Read More »

SUSE and Canonical have forgotten their roots

The Software Freedom Conservancy is something of an oddity among the myriad technology outfits that exist in the US of A. It fights to keep software free and to prevent people or companies taking advantage of what are perceived to be liberal licensing terms. All the billions of dollars that are floating around these days due to the business being ... Read More »