Tips to Follow When Looking at Homes for Sale

Searching for a new house can be a journey that is both fun and absolutely tiresome. It is a process that requires a lot of time and energy and is often extremely worrisome. Buying a house is an extremely important decision that involves a lot of financial investment. There are tips however that can make it easier for you to ... Read More »

Making Way For A Cloud Based Revolution

Cloud based computing is the new rage and creating a revolution in technology. Having everything be in the cloud helps to free up physical limitations such as hard drives crashing and the old ways of having to do business through the use of email to get data across from person to person. Having a hard drive crash and losing all ... Read More »

What do brands buy on news channels?

Of total television viewership, the share of news in India was 7%, according to data for week 19 from television monitoring agency Barc India. Photo: Priyanka Parasher/Mint Is it sensationalism or credibility that brands look for when they buy ad spots on news channels? Or do they just blindly follow ratings? The head of a prominent entertainment channel who has ... Read More »

Former FBI head Robert Mueller to oversee Trump-Russia investigation

As special counsel, Mueller has the power to subpoena documents and prosecute any crimes, independent of Congress. Photograph: J. Scott Applewhite/AP The Department of Justice has appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate alleged ties between the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump and Russian operatives. Mueller will also investigate Russian intervention in the election generally. ... Read More »

Scrum team – the master of full corporate operation

To make a work complete it is necessary for all categories of people in a company to perform equally well so that the production of any goods can be of premium quality. For the Scrum technology to run at full swing it is essential to have a good cooperation of the organization to know the segments each one has to ... Read More »

‘7,000 bodies buried’ beneath Mississippi university

The remains of at least 7,000 people may be buried beneath the University of Mississippi, officials estimate. The bodies of the state’s first mental institution – called the Insane Asylum – stretch across 20 acres of campus where administrators want to build. Officials predict that it may cost up to $21m (£16m) to exhume and rebury each body – more ... Read More »

How To Promote Your Small Business

All of us would love to be entrepreneurs who own our own businesses and don’t call anyone else our boss. However, owning a successful small business if often easier said than done. Most people have tons of ideas of businesses that they’d someday like to launch, but they fail to understand just how much work goes into getting a business ... Read More »

All Horses Eventually Need Supplements

Owning a horse that is expected to perform well in the sport of your choice is a responsibility that falls directly on your shoulders. Whether the horse is used primarily for pleasure riding or has been trained to excel in the equine sport of your choice, keeping him in good health is essential. Horses are powerful animals that use every ... Read More »

The unique features of natural rubber latex mattresses

The Latex mattress is elastic, healthy and can be easily personalized. Being an organic material, the natural rubber latex is 100% environment-friendly. Since the mattress made of natural latex is highly durable it is considered as a long-time investment. The most outstanding characteristic of the mattress made of natural rubber foam is that it provides the best quality sleep with ... Read More »

Pentagon watchdog probes Flynn payments

The Pentagon inspector general is investigating whether a sacked Trump adviser took money from foreign governments without necessary approval. Michael Flynn was warned in 2014 about declaring foreign funds, a year before he appeared on Russia television and was paid $45,000, documents show. Mr Flynn’s links to Russia are being scrutinised by the FBI and two congressional committees. A lawyer ... Read More »