Wales: 1 job created for every 3 non-EU students

The small and beautiful country of Wales in the UK has released a report underlining how integral and essential international education is for the country: £530 million in export earnings in 2014 has been attributed to the sector, which creates 7,600 full-time equivalent jobs in Wales. Almost one in five students in Wales in 2013/14 hailed from overseas and one Welsh job was ... Read More »

OECD: Half of world’s mobile students from Asia in 2013

Asian students continued to represent over half of international students enrolled in tertiary education in 2013, according to the latest Education at a Glance report by OECD, which also shows the proportion of international students is higher at the more advanced degree levels. Its latest report, which was released this week, also notes that the number of students going to study in OECD ... Read More »

UK tops student satisfaction ranking for undergrad study

New research from the UK HE’s International Unit has delivered some good news for the UK: despite policy settings widely considered to be cumbersome, international students rate the UK’s teaching and learning outcomes as excellent, and the country enjoys a higher satisfaction rate overall than its competitor countries. These are topline findings from a new report, International Undergraduate Students, The UK’s Competitive ... Read More »

Study permit delays may hinder Canada’s competitiveness – CBIE

Students from Nigeria wait an average of 216 days for a study permit to allow them to study in Canada, according to statistics published by CBIE. The data shows wide variation in the time it takes to process study permits for prospective students from different countries, along with an overall rise in processing times in 2015 over 2014. CBIE’s A World of ... Read More »

US, UK set to lose market share of mobile students in next decade

The US and the UK will see their market shares of globally mobile students decline over the next decade as provision of education in traditional origin countries increases alongside their own ambitions to attract foreign students, according to a study by the British Council. Although the US and UK won’t be knocked from their top destination perches, the report urges ... Read More »

Thai Military Court Jails Woman in ‘Secret’ Ruling Over Facebook Posts

A Thai military court has jailed a woman for over nine years for royal defamation, an official said Wednesday, the latest in a series of harsh sentences to raise concern about the draconian law. The most recent high-profile cases include a probe into the US ambassador for comments he made about jail terms under the lese majeste law, and charges ... Read More »

Hyeon Soo Lim: Canadian pastor given life sentence in North Korea

A North Korean court has sentenced a Canadian pastor to life in prison with hard labour for what it called crimes against the state. Hyeon Soo Lim, from the Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Toronto, was given the sentence after a brief trial before the North’s supreme court on Wednesday. He had been in detention since February. Relatives of Lim ... Read More »

Japan upholds rule that married couples must have same surname

Japan’s supreme court has ruled that a 19th-century law forcing married couples to use the same surname – almost always that of the husband – does not violate the constitution. The court’s ruling on Wednesday will be seen as a setback for women’s rights inJapan, just as the prime minister, Shinzo Abe, pushes for a greater role for womenin the ... Read More »

There is no Nazi gold train, Polish scientists say

Scientists have quashed a claim by two amateur treasure hunters that they had discovered a legendary gold train hidden by the Nazis in a southern Polish railway embankment. “There is no train,” Prof Janusz Madej of the Polish mining academy told a press conference in the city of Wałbrzych. The conference was attended by dozens of journalists and television crews ... Read More »

China’s Xi Jinping says internet users must be free to speak their minds

Even as prominent free speech advocate is put on trial for online posts, president says governments must respect citizens’ right to exchange ideas Chinese citizens should have the right to speak their minds on the internet, president Xi Jinping has claimed, just two days after a prominent free speech advocate was put on trial for sending seven tweets. Speaking at ... Read More »