Pet of the day: Momo is for life, not just for Christmas

Momo loves cats, kids, and cuddles.

Momo loves cats, kids, and cuddles.

Our beautiful 2-year-old girl Momo was a Christmas gift, and a big surprise. My husband pretended to take me to his friend but when we got there I saw lots of dogs. A lady gave me a very little puppy, saying “this is your baby girl!”

She was so shy when she came to us, but after a few days she would approach us and looked very comfortable and secure whenever we cuddled her.

Momo always stays with us. She enjoys travelling with us, especially the view from my window when we’re driving – she’ll stand on my lap and feel the wind.

Momo is very good at dancing – she loves standing, jumping and spinning. When I get home after work, she starts dancing to show how happy she is.

* Precious princess Holly
* The coolest pup on the block
* El Gatto, the catto
​* Kenzie, the king

Momo likes walking on the beach – she’ll search for twigs, play with other dogs, and enjoy the waves.

She’s smaller than most cats – only 2.5 kilograms – so she uses the cat door to go outside. Whenever she sees cats she chases them to play with them. She always approaches kids, too – she loves being petted.

Momo is very caring and looks after all our family members. She loves cuddling us and keeps us very warm.

We love Momo very much and she has made our lives much brighter. Now we can’t even imagine our lives without her.