It’s nearly summer and though June’s not the usual time for thinking of Christmas, we have some for you. It comes in the shape of a golden retriever mix who’s friendly, gentle, healthy and a perfect compact size at only 19 kilograms. And, he’s brimming with that excited tingly feeling you may remember from Christmas morning.

He’s 5 years old and his name is Christmas because that’s the day he arrived at the shelter after being rescued from a pound in Kyushu. Christmas is nearly perfect in so many ways, but he did spend six months with a foster family before he learned to tone down his excitement, especially while on those wildly exciting walks he’s simply mad about.

Christmas is always a gentleman around people though, so we’re hoping there’s someone out there for him. Someone filled with the Christmas spirit year-round who’d be willing to give this jolly good fellow a home well in time for Christmas.


By Loknath

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